Affiliate, Associate, Specialist Membership Application


Three categories of membership can be applied for online. These are Member Specialist, Associate Member and Affiliate Member.

Ordinary Membership is obtained by medical practitioners who have satisfactorily completed their Basic Surgical Training and have passed the prescribed membership examinations in surgery and related specialties of the College of Surgeons. Please see the Membership page for a desciption of each category. See the Constitution for more detailed information.


How to Apply

Before applying, please have ready electronic copies of the following:

  1. A passport style photo
  2. Reference letters from two COSECSA Fellows supporting your application


If your application is accepted you will need to pay the Fellowship registration fee. This can be paid online or in cash to one of your country representatives.  

  • Affiliate Membership registration fee is $100
  • Associate Membership registration fee is $150
  • Member Specialist registration fee is $300
  • Annual Membership subscription fee is $50


Apply for Affiliate, Associate or Specialist Membership

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