The Association of Burundi Surgeon Association (ABUC) is based in Bujumbura where over 70% of the region’s doctors are concentrated.

It is an association of surgeons who strive for excellence in serving patients. The provision of healthcare is unevenly spread across the region and since 2007 it has been structured into health districts. This Surgical Association is responsible for furthering the education and professional development of its members. To this end, it is a member society of COSECSA and delivers training in surgical subspecialties.

Prof Gabriel Ndayisaba

Burundi COSECSA Representative

Prof Ndaysisaba is a General Surgeon based at University Hospital Kamenge. Bujumbura, Burundi. He is the COSECSA Country Representative for Burundi.

Dr Venerand Barendegere

Burundi COSECSA Representative

Dr Venerand is a specialised general surgeon practicing in Burundi. He is Brigadier General of Burundi Army working at KAMENGE Military Hospital. He is a fellow of COSECSA and Country representative in COSECSA. He is vice President of Burundian Surgical Association since 2007.He has served for the most of his time in the army at different levels of command.

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