Zambia EST

The first ZamEST training was successfully conducted from 17 - 19 July 2015, at Monze Mission Hospital in the Southern Province. The faculty team utilised the WHO recommended essential surgical skills training materials.

The ZamEST training is undertaken in two phases. The first phase is lecture based with practicals using mannequins/models. A second follow up training is scheduled to be held two months later. The trainees will then conduct surgery under the supervision of the faculty on booked patients.

A sample ZamEST Curriculum (based on WHO Manual “Surgical Care at the District Hospital”) is available here.

ZamEST Programme Coordinator

Issac Kasaro

Isaac PB Kasaro studied Social Work at the University of Zambia. He later studied Hospital Management (Nuffield Institute Of Health) at Leeds University. He has been working for the Ministry of Health in Zambia since 1990. He previously held the following positions; Hospital Social Worker, Hospital Administrator, Executive Director and now Chief Hospital Administrator for the largest referral hospital in Zambia. He also serves as Coordinator for EST for the Surgical Society of Zambia.

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