Examinations Overview

COSECSA is leading the training of surgeons in the Sub-Saharan region. Our surgeons are trained to the highest possible standards and, once qualified, are encouraged to increase their knowledge and skills by means of continued research, conferences, meetings and reading.

COSECSA has two programmes:

Membership of the College of Surgeons – MCS(ECSA): A certificate of competence in surgery at General Medical Officer Grade (2 years training).
Fellowship of the College of Surgeons – FCS(ECSA): A specialist qualification in General Surgery( 5 years training), Orthopaedics( 5 years training), Urology( 5 years training), Paediatric Surgery( 5 years training), Otorhinolaryngology( 5 years training), Plastic Surgery ( 5 years training) ,Neurosurgery (6 years training) and a Super Specialty qualification in Paediatric Orthopaedics Surgery(2 years training).


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