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General Electric Foundation (GEF) and Safe Surgery 2020 (SS2020) are partnering with the COSESCA to improve the quality of surgery available across Africa by expanding a leadership development program for surgeons, anesthetists, obstetrician-gynecologists, and scrub nurses.
The program takes a “train the trainer” approach, developing a regional network of “Master Trainers” to develop in-country trainers who then deliver the curriculum to surgical teams. This training model is proven to develop surgical team’s skills effectively, quickly, and sustainably.
The collaboration aims to:

  1. Develop a cadre of leadership development trainers, through a training of trainer model. The master trainers, trained trainers and trainee surgical teams will be drawn from different cadres including surgeons, anesthetists, OBS/GYN, and theatre nurses as nominated by their respective professional colleges (COSECSA, CANECSA, ECSACON and ECSACOG).
  2. Train trainees enrolled in COSECSA training programs on leadership – this will be done by integrating the leadership training into the curriculum of the MCS (Membership of the College of Surgeons) and FCS (Fellowship of the College of Surgeons) level in the COSECSA training programs.
  3. Train master trainers, who will then deliver the training to identified trainers (Training of Trainers). The Trained Trainers will then deliver the training to surgical teams at the facility level. The surgical teams at the facility level will be constituted of different cadres including non-physician surgical staff, anesthetists, scrub nurses and theatre nurses.
  4. Develop leadership training material to enhance the leadership training resources available to trainers and trainees

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