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  • The outgoing President; Prof. Godfrey Muguti
  • Past Presidents of COSECSA Present
  • The Council Members of the College

It is my greatest delight this morning to thank you for the trust and faith you bestowed in me as the incoming President of the College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA) 2023/2024. I am honored and humbled. With the help and support of the Executive, Council, all Fellows and Members, I will do my best to meet the challenge.

As the African saying goes; “if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”, therefore, with all the opportunities and challenges that come with my acceptance to serve, I believe that this journey will neither be smooth nor impossible. For I am not it alone. I wish appreciate the COSECSA constitution that recognizes the importance of the Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary General, Assistant Secretary General, Registrar, Committee Chairs, Country Representatives, Chief Executive Officer, the Secretariat, Program Directors and all Fellows of the College. This synergism ensures that we keep on track in attaining our objectives.

Our 23year college has been built on a strong leadership foundation, and I am fortunate to have a team that is fully committed to the COSECSA idea of “Service Above Self”, and continues to go the extra mile in building the College and carrying out the many worthwhile activities that we undertake for the benefit of our region.

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate my predecessor and Immediate Past President, Professor Muguti and the entire Council for a very successful tenure (2020-2022). I acknowledge the tremendous and adorable initiatives that were undertaken by this crop of leaders. Indeed, you are an inspiration and an avenue for us to continue doing these great works that you began. I am certain that the current team shall continue from where you stopped and grow the College to the desired point. Professor Muguti has shown his support for me; his successor; I thank him. Allow me caution you Prof, that I will be depending on your continued support.

The 5-year Strategic Plan written in 2020 during your leadership is under implementation. This is the second "formally written" but “the first Comprehensive” Strategic Plan of our College. It will provide guidance for me and future Presidents in terms of setting and achieving our goals.

Congratulations to the new Council Members and Honorary Fellows. The Fellows and Members have shown their confidence in you and I by electing us into our respective positions. Let us serve with one heart, selflessly, with enthusiasm and commitment. For the brand new members, Council welcome you on board. For those who have been there, never tire to infuse your wealth of knowledge into the Council. Our key activities centre around Education, Training, Examination, Financial Management and stability and aims at Building an Organisational excellence with precision through our strategic objectives.

I salute the Country Chapters (Country Representatives, Program directors/Trainers and Country Coordinators). You are an amazing team. Your commitment has resulted in the exponential numbers we see in the figure presented. Thank you so much. Together we are winners. For the Secretariate in Arusha led by our CEO Ms. Stella Itungu; weldone and keep on your marks.

As Patron of WiSA, I pledge my continuous support and mentorship, I also wish to encourage more females into the various surgical specialties and leadership positions. I will quote Nakeia Homer in the Minds Journal..behind every strong woman is a story that gave her no other choice… we have no choice but strengthen the WiSA country Chapters and the improve our networking and mentorship. Special thanks ACS and AWS. I am happy for other partners who have joined in this good gesture.

To all our partners, I say thank you for moving with us this far. We are still climbing a mountain. As we climb, we see more and much higher ranges. We pray not for fatigue but for new ideas, new strategies and more partners and collaborations to make COSECSA achieve its goals in record time.

A woman leads without making much noise. …’’The only impossible journey is the one you never begin [Tony Robbins]’’. I have begun this journey with you. I thank the surgical fraternity in the region and urge you to end and begin the year by paying your annual subscription. Together we should strive to improve the college finance status and aim at a better bank balance end of 2023. I implore the Council members to lead by example as they serve COSECSA as a block of countries.

Our baby Laki Laki should never be shelved for fears of financial implications regarding its development. ‘’Where there is the will, there is a way’’; we shall break even and make it. Special thanks to Team Namibia for the wonderful organisation. Be rewarded with happiness and joy. Special thanks to all sister Colleges in Africa, the Colleges in Ireland, UK and Britain, and the USA, Canada and Australia; we are indebted to you. To the Examiners; you are our heroes. All who came to Namibia; may God reward you 100-fold. I thank everyone for the unwavering support and encouragement. Together let’s move COSECSA to the heights.
Thank you all. God bless you. God bless COSECSA!

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