The College is comprised of the following categories of Members:

Member Specialist (MSCS)

Medical Specialists who have satisfactorily completed their specialist Surgical Training in Institutions other than the College of Surgeons and elected into Membership having satisfied the Council of the College that they possess qualifications entitling them to be Member Specialists of the College.

Members (MCS)

Medical Practitioners who have satisfactorily completed their Basic Surgical Training and have passed the prescribed membership examinations in surgery and related specialties of the College of Surgeons.

Associate Members

Medical or Dental Practitioners who have commenced their post-graduate training in surgery, or allied professions. Candidates for admission as Associate Members shall be proposed and seconded by Fellows of the College in writing on prescribed forms and accompanied by supporting letters from the proposer and seconder. The Council of the College shall carry out election of Associate Members.

Affiliate Members

Health professionals who have made such a contribution to the practice of surgery as the Council of the College may deem acceptable.

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