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25th COSECSA Anniversary

25 Years of COSECSA

Join us for the COSECSA Silver Jubilee Celebration: Empowering the Future of Surgical Education and Quality Care!

Dear COSECSA Fellows, Members, Partners, and Friends,

During the 23rd COSECSA Scientific Conference, Dr. Jane Fualal, our esteemed President, passionately called upon all COSECSA fellows, members, partners, and friends to unite in developing the COSECSA Laki Laki Land. We are thrilled to announce a landmark initiative for COSECSA’s 25th year—the launch of the COSECSA building at Laki Laki land in Arusha, Tanzania.


Presidential Appeal: A Gift for the Silver Jubilee

Dr. Jane Fualal urges the COSECSA community to make this Silver Jubilee unforgettable by contributing to the foundation of the COSECSA building. She suggests a $25 donation from each fellow and the recruitment of four friends to support this noble cause. This collective effort will fetch a historic milestone in COSECSA’s journey and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Why Contribute? 

Building Progress: The COSECSA Building at Lakilaki land will serve as a central hub for education, examinations, meetings, collaborations, and advancements in surgical sciences across the region.

Honoring Our Legacy: Your contribution will honor COSECSA’s rich legacy and uphold our commitment to surgical excellence.

Uniting for Impact: By joining forces and contributing, we stand united in shaping the future of surgical education and healthcare in the region.


How to Participate?


Donate $25: Your financial support, regardless of the amount, is an invaluable investment in COSECSA’s future. Each $25 brings us closer to realizing our vision.

Recruit Four Friends: Extend this invitation to four friends or colleagues. Together, we can magnify our impact and establish a stronger foundation for COSECSA.


Let’s make the COSECSA Silver Jubilee truly remarkable by laying the groundwork for a brighter tomorrow. Join us in this exhilarating journey of growth, innovation, and collective triumph.


Donate now and become part of history! Be featured on the COSECSA wall of fame!

With gratitude, 

Stella Itungu