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To advance education, standards, research & intelligence in surgical care for the rural populations of East, Central and Southern Africa.

Through discussion at all levels within the organisation, and following the external organizational review and SWOT analysis, we have identified four areas where we should develop plans for improvement. These are:

  1. Identity
  2. Resources
  3. Education
  4. Partnerships

The plan sets out how COSECSA will become a world-class surgical research, training and education institution that is sustainable with an enhanced position regionally and internationally by 2020. The purpose of this 2020 Vision is to shape our strategic thinking. This vision is to position COSECSA as a leading international leading surgical training institution and a gateway to surgical knowledge, practice and understanding in Africa.

This will be achieved with a strong, dynamic and recognized brand, and a viable and diverse resource base that supports and provides a world-class surgical teaching and learning experience and surgical fellowship. COSECSA will build on and establish new partnership arrangements that better facilitate our knowledge transfer, better engage our fellows, empower our patients and public and strengthen our institutional capabilities. We will measure our progress towards this annually, in our operational plans, which will be based on a set of quantifiable performance measures that will chart our progress towards achieving the strategic goals outlined in this document. The aim is to develop resources for COSECSA staff and students.

The success of this strategy is in its execution. It is predicated on a continuous process of strategy formulation and planning. We are also cognizant that without visionary and determined leadership, pragmatic implementation plans, and robust monitoring and evaluation systems, such strategic planning becomes a meaningless exercise. Therefore our plan is built around the objective of embedding our goals, aspirations and objectives, effectively and efficiently with alignment with our people, processes and purpose. The 2020 vision will provides the context in which we will take major decisions in the future. COSECSA must be ready to take advantage of future opportunities.

In 2020 COSECSA will

  1. Be a leading surgical training institution, as measured by its ability to attract and retain high-quality students within the COSECSA region.
  2. Be a leading surgical research body and hub for surgical information, as measured by the quality and impact of research output.
  3. Have engaged several new avenues of funding.
  4. Have a mobile and multiplatform college, accessible and responsive to students and staff.
  5. Produce well trained graduates who are highly sought after for their ability to contribute to their societies.
  6. Be a fully inclusive  ‘Meritocratic-Diverse-Elite’ college supporting all those with the ability to benefit from the COSECSA experience regardless of social class, race, gender, religion.
  7. Award the pre-eminent qualification of surgical competence and performance in this region.
  8. Promote fellowship and the highest ethical standards in practice
  9. Advocate for surgery across this region and beyond.