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Strategic Goal

Our goal is to position COSECSA as a world class surgical professional training organisation with excellent training, standards and research, in the sub-Saharan region and beyond.

From its inception, COSECSA has been focused on quality surgical care and practice and is committed to building and strengthening quality surgical care for all patients regardless of their status. Access to quality surgical care is a vital component of universal health coverage and an effective means of realizing many of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Through consultations with Council Members, Partners and stakeholders in the surgical community as well as extensive consideration of the SWOT analysis, COSECSA identified three major goals.

GOAL 1: Achieve Excellence in Training and Research and Maintain Best Practice in Examinations and Assessment,

GOAL 2: Quality in surgical care and

GOAL 3: Build Organizational Excellence and Financial Sustainability.

To achieve the above goals, below are the strategies and their initiatives that COSECSA seeks to undertake.

  1. Grow a model of practice-based training
  2. Expand and enhance COSECSA training program
  3. Establish Continuous professional development (CPD) Programme
  4. Build research capacity within COSECSA
  5. Benchmark examination against international best practice
  6. Develop state of the art centres for exams in each member country
  7. Track and analyse trainee operative experience
  8. Ensure predictable diversified funding model
  9. Ensure good governance, transparency and accountability
  10. Engage in advocacy and policy development
  11. Ensure Gender Equity
  12. Build comprehensive sustainable partnerships
  13. Monitoring & Evaluation
  14. Quality assurance in training and examinations
  15. Organizational Excellence and Financial Sustainability

In 2025 COSECSA will:

  1. Be a leading surgical training institution, as measured by its ability to attract and retain high-quality students within the COSECSA region.
  2. Be a leading surgical research body and hub for surgical information, as measured by the quality and impact of research output.
  3. Have engaged several new avenues of funding.
  4. Have a mobile and multiplatform college, accessible and responsive to students and staff.
  5. Produce well trained graduates who are highly sought after for their ability to contribute to their societies.
  6. Be a fully inclusive  ‘Meritocratic-Diverse-Elite’ college supporting all those with the ability to benefit from the COSECSA experience regardless of social class, race, gender, religion.
  7. Award the pre-eminent qualification of surgical competence and performance in this region.
  8. Promote fellowship and the highest ethical standards in practice
  9. Advocate for surgery across this region and beyond.