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Ongoing Research

Trainee and Fellow Projects
  1. Title: Investigating the incidence of Head injuries in Eastern Province, Zambia and surgical Outcomes

Principal Investigator: Dr Kabelele Sipalo, COSECSA Trainee, Neurosurgery, Zambia

  1. Title: Assessment of Orthopedic Injury Pattern among Motorcycle Trauma Patients Admitted at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital”

Principal Investigator: Dr Mackson Mwaungulu, COSECSA Trainee, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Malawi

  1. Title: In-hospital outcomes of infants with esophageal atresia and trachea-esophageal fistula at a tertiary referral hospital in Tanzania”

Principal Investigator: Masawa K. Nyamuryekung’e, COSECSA Fellow, Paediatric Surgery, Tanzania

  1. Title: Assessment Of Voiding Patterns By Uroflowmetry In Paediatric Patients Post Resection Of Posterior Urethral Valves At Kenyatta National Hospital

Principal Investigator: Dr Timothy Jumbi, COSECSA Fellow, Paediatric Surgery, Kenya

  1. Title: Implementation of “Enhanced Recovery after Surgery” (ERAS®) protocol in a LIC (low-income country) tertiary hospital

Principal Investigator: Dr Wongel Tena Shale, COSECSA Fellow, General Surgery, Ethiopia

  1. Title: Outcomes of Geriatric distal radius fractures at CHUB: A Cross-section study.

Principal Investigator: Dr KUBWIMANA Olivier, COSECSA Fellow, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Rwanda

  1. Title: Impact of Frailty on postoperative outcomes among patients undergoing major surgery in Mulago Hospital

Principal Investigator: Dr Racheal Kirabo, COSECSA Trainee, General Surgery, Uganda

To fund a Trainee/Fellow Research please write to us through: or

Surgical Audits and Standards

TITLE: COSECSA Surgical Audits and Standards Collaboration (COSurgASC)


The College of Surgeons of East Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA) and other surgical training institution have made significant strides in contributing to surgical workforce, by providing quality surgical education in the region. COSECSA aims to develop a Surgical Audit and Standards Network and implement surgical audits to assess baseline surgical practice and outcomes in COSECSA training sites, and identify areas of Quality Improvement for patients undergoing surgery in the accredited hospitals in the ECSA region. Data will be gathered for the purpose of proposing dedicated COSECSA standards and help in conducting surgical audits against these set standards.

Potential benefits:

  • Hospitals and surgeons will be provided with tools to collect data on surgeries they perform
  • Become part of the Regional Surgical Care Audits and Standards Network, and that will look into existing surgical standards and contextualize them for use in the region
  • The project will come up with Minimal Dataset that can inform countries in the formation of Surgical Registries
  • Opportunity for Research capacity building among Fellows and Surgeons
  • Provide data for informing Continuous Professional Development on the areas of potential improvement of patient outcomes.
  • Participating surgeons will be listed as co-authors in any resulting manuscript

Team Members:

  • Dr Godfrey Sama Philipo

COSECSA – Tanzania

  • Dr. Vihar Kotecha

Bugando Medical Center – Tanzania

  • Dr. Michael Mwachiro

Tenwek Hospital – ESRC Chair

  • Stella Itungu

COSECSA – Tanzania

  • Prof Juan Carlos Puyana

RCSI/COSECSA Collaboration Programme – Ireland

  • Lucia Brocato

RCSI/COSECSA Collaboration Programme – Ireland

  • Niraj Bachheta

COSECSA – Tanzania

  • Dr Wongel Tena

Lead – Ethiopia

  • Lucy Kaomba

Lead – Malawi

  • Dr Temesgen Nane

Co-Lead – Ethiopia

  • Dr Nathalie Umugwaneza,

Lead – Rwanda

Funding Source: Irish Aid, Department of Foreign Affairs under the RCSI/COSECSA Collaboration Programme (CP). To participate and be part of the COSECSA Audit and Standards Network, please write to us through the, Research and Patient Outcomes Coordinator at: